When you have read enough about the subject, you are now ready to develop the writing plan for your work. From the information gathered (reading cards), you modify your provisional plan by adding or removing parts. You may have to discard some cards that seem irrelevant to you. You write the final plan in the form of divisions and sub-divisions that correspond to the themes and sub-themes on your cards.

The plan will serve as a structure for your final text and will later allow for the table of contents.

Your plan should outline the broad content of the introduction, development (main and secondary ideas), and the conclusion of the work you will soon be writing.

For the writing of the work, consult the “Reading and Writing a Text” section of this Guide.


To prepare well and organize a research work:

  • Choose your subject, understand it well and follow the instructions given.
  • Plan the stages of your research: provisional plan, documentation, documentation processing, writing plan, taking into account the time available for your work.
  • Diversify documentary sources in order to have different points of view and a more complete view of the subject.
  • Ensure the rigor and credibility of the selected texts.
  • Use the library as it is the essential tool for research work (refer to the guide provided to you or to the staff).
  • Write the fact sheets both in terms of form and content (they will save you a lot of time).
  • Simplify your writing work by providing a detailed blueprint of primary and secondary ideas.